Patterns of Evidence: Young Explorers Season 1 Box Set

Patterns of Evidence

$ 69.95

The six major events of the Exodus account discussed in our film 'Patterns of Evidence: Exodus' is now presented in a 5 part video series that entertains young & old.  In this series you will meet and follow 10 young students who meet filmmaker Timothy Mahoney on a wilderness camping trip & learn about his investigation for physical evidence of Moses and the Israelites Exodus out of Egypt.  

The series includes:

Episode 1 :The Adventure of Abraham's Promise

Episode 2 : The Search for the Amazing Rise of Joseph

Episode 3 :The Case for Israelite Slaves and the Forgetful Pharaoh

Episode 4:The Hunt for Ten Plagues and the Exodus from Egypt

Episode 5:The Mystery of Joshua and the Falling Walls of Jericho

Family Bible Study Pamphlet

The Young Explorers find clues in the bible and get invitations that tell them where they will go next via a Virtual Exploration Chamber that appears in various places. In the bonus features please read the bible verses to prepare for the next Episode. Join the Investigation with these Young Explorers! 

'Patterns of Evidence : Young Explorers' is a perfect compliment to our full feature film only for the entire family.  Specifically geared towards Ages 7-15.

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