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On a January evening in 2015, major theaters across the country were filled as tens of thousands gathered to see the new award-winning documentary Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus. The positive reaction was overwhelming:

The best money I have ever spent on a movie. . . . It’s a masterful, balanced work. Thank You. – C. Williams

I didn’t need proof. But I got proof. Awesome, just awesome. – S. Moore 

This movie took my breath away. . . . I thought about it for days. – L. Campbell

Guided by curiosity and an unflinching desire to uncover the truth, documentary filmmaker Timothy Mahoney embarked on a search for evidence – archaeological, scientific, and even literary – that would shed light on whether the events chronicled in the Bible really happened or not. What do the world’s leading archaeologists and biblical scholars have to say about these questions? Were ancient Israelites really held in bondage in Egypt? Did Moses really lead them out to the Promised Land? Did the walls of Jericho really come tumbling down? Is there any truth to these stories? 

The results of this amazing 12-year investigation may change the way the world will view history and the Bible.

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