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Moses Controversy
Red Sea Miracle
learnING through DOING

Children Can Explore

Teach curriculum that will help build your child’s faith. It's meaningful, easy AND fun! Curriculum includes: 5-disc video series and workbook. BONUS: Family Bible Study Included

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Wow!!! What a documentary!!! I was completely blown away! Each of these films in the Patterns of Evidence Series are unique in their own way. Isaac S.

I discovered the first film (Exodus) by chance a couple years ago via one of the video on demand brief runs, and now we are hooked! My wife and I really appreciate these films more than you know. We are educators (my wife is a teacher and I am a school psychologist). It is rare to find Biblical/historical documentaries that are presented in an even-handed way while also being able to stand up to rigorous academic scrutiny.-Zachary Z.

Thank you for this informative film! Science, history, archeology, and Bible... all my favorite things had my complete attention the entire time! Thank you for this thoughtful, educational film. I learned so much, enjoyed the location scenes and presentation of balanced arguments. I look forward to more “Patterns of Evidence” films! I will be thinking about this and inspired by it for a long time. Rebecca B.

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