Q: What is your return policy? 

A: All Product sales are final. Since CDs, DVDs and/or Digital videos can be copied, there are no refunds on these items. Damaged or defective products will be exchanged for the EXACT same Product. There are NO exceptions to this policy.

If you need to exchange a product due to damage or defect, please e-mail store@patternsofevidence.com. Please include the following information: Your name, telephone number with area code and the reason for the exchange along with the original order number

Q: Where do you ship?  

A: Currently we ship all over the world except for UK/GB.  Please investigate your current country's inbound history with shipments from the United States before placing an order.  Be aware of any Custom’s Charges you may have to pay in your country in addition to what you have paid at time of purchase.

Q What is your shipping policy?  

A: We ship orders placed before 11am CST Mon.-Thurs. on the same day.  Otherwise that order will go out the following business day.  We do not ship on weekends or holidays.  

Q: How can I track my order? 

A: We send a confirmation email out with the tracking number on it once the shipping label has been printed. Check your email folders and be sure to put in a proper email at time of ordering. 

Q: Do you have films for kids? 

A: Yes, we have a series called Young Explorers.  We have Season One available for purchase. 

Q: How do I redeem my 10% off first time order code?  


 → Sub question: Q: The code isn’t applying correctly at checkout. What do I do now?

A: Please email info@patternsofevidence.com for customer support and applying the discount code at checkout.

 → Sub question: Q: What products can I use this code on/ is it redeemable for items already on sale?

A: Good news! Your 10% off discount code is available for ALL Patterns of Evidence store products, including our bundles, best-sellers and on sale items.

  → Sub question: Q: I didn’t receive my 10% off code. What do I do now?

A: Oh no! We are sorry to hear that. It’s possible the email carrying your discount code got a little lost along the way. We recommend checking your spam or promotional folder first. If you still cannot find it please be sure to resubscribe for your 10% off here or email support at info@patternsofevidence.com

To prevent future emails getting lost in delivery please be sure to add Patterns of Evidence as a contact in your email account. Doing so will assure you get all the best deals, offers and value-packed newsletters. 

  → Sub question: Q: Does this code expire?

Yes, the code is only available for a limited time only and for those purchasing with Patterns of Evidence for the first time.

Q: Why is the Blu-Ray not working?

A: You will need to upgrade to the latest software on your Blu-ray player. All Blu-ray disks are stamped with a code at manufacturing and that code is only recognized on the player if it has the latest software.  Most Blu-ray players are hooked up to the internet and auto upgrade to the latest software so then they work fine.  If they are not hooked up to the internet however, you will need to do an upgrade.  Please contact your Blu-ray manufacturer or manual if you are not sure how to upgrade the software on your particular machine.

Q: Where is my digital download?

A: Please check your spam folder if you don't find the email with the digital link right away.  You can also search your email inbox for 'Patterns of Evidence'. If you have more than 1 email account be sure to check the email that was on your order. It can be confusing for people who use multiple emails to find which they used on their order.

Once you find the email just click on the link in that email and you will be taken to your digital films. You can watch there or download them to your own device.

Q: Do the films have subtitles available?

A: All of our Patterns of Evidence Feature Film DVD's & BLU-RAY's have English and Spanish subtitles on them. (Exodus, Moses Controversy, Red Sea Miracle 1 & 2)

All of our Patterns of Evidence Feature DIGITAL FILMS have the following language subtitles available:


Spanish Spain

Spanish Latin America

Portuguese Brazil











Chinese Traditional

Chinese Simplified


Q: Why is my DVD not playing on my computer?

A: If you're trying to play them on a computer there is a known problem with some.

Please put this free download on your computer to solve this.

VLC Media Player:  http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

Arguably the most popular free and open source utility for playing a plethora of video and music file formats on Windows and Mac (including DVDs of course) is VLC. After installing this free program, it will be added to the context menu in Windows 8, so you can right click any music or video file to play it. Or you can set up AutoPlay to launch your DVD in VLC when you insert the disc. VLC offers plenty of playback options for the basic user, advanced features for the power user who wants to stream the DVD over a home network, and more.

VLC for Mac, Windows and Linux


Official download of VLC media player, the best Open Source player - VideoLAN

Official download of VLC media player, the best Open Source player

Q: How do I gift a digital item?

A: We suggest going to our store to get this for your family member or friend by putting in THEIR EMAIL address during the ordering process instead of your own. Then they will receive the digital link to the purchase instead of you.

Click here https://store.patternsofevidence.com/collections/all/digital

Q: Help! I’m having technical difficulties…

 A: You can get many of your detailed or technical questions about digitals answered here https://digitalpatternsofevidence.vhx.tv/help.

Q: Do I need a License to show your films at church?

A: Yes, a license for each film is needed to show in ANY public setting. Small group showings can be a tougher one for us to answer because legally you need to have a public performance license to show the film(s) in a public setting.  It's not super cost effective for a group as small as 20 or under however, so our first recommendation is to host that group in your home for this.  Then there is no issue at all.  If you have to host it in your church, but it's only a small number under 20, then we will allow you to purchase just the Lifetime performance license on our store for the particular film you're showing at $25 each. Here is the link to see them and purchase. https://store.patternsofevidence.com/collections/all/event-kit