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Searching for the Mountain of God

Searching for the Mountain of God

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The true location of Mt. Sinai is one of the great mysteries of the Bible. Moses came to Sinai when he encountered the burning bush and returned there with the freed Israelites to receive the Ten Commandments. Although the traditional site on the Sinai Peninsula has long had prominence, environmental geographer Glen Fritz builds the case that the mountain of God is actually in northwest Saudi Arabia at the twin peaks of Jabal al Lawz / Jabal Maqla. Starting with the location of the Red Sea crossing established in his previous lecture, he traces the likely route to the mountain based on biblical details and geographic realities. Along with commentary and questioning by Timothy Mahoney, Dr. Fritz addresses the finds at the mountain site and the clues that show it to be the best candidate for Mt. Sinai.



SESSION 1: The Main Criteria for Mount Sinai
SESSION 2: Traditions and Terms Related to Mount Sinai
SESSION 3: From the Sea Crossing to the Wilderness of Sin
SESSION 4: From the Wilderness of Sin to Mount Sinai
SESSION 5: Finds at Jabal Maqla / Jabal al Lawz
SESSION 6: Challenges & Concluding Thoughts


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