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Mount Sinai Expanded

Mount Sinai Expanded

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Where is the true location of Mount Sinai? Mount Sinai Expanded goes wider and deeper into the investigation seen in the two-part Journey to Mount Sinai film series. Join award-winning filmmaker Timothy Mahoney as he continues to explore the contentious debate over how and where the Exodus to Mount Sinai took place with this special bonus disc containing over 2.5 hours of new information.

The events at Sinai are some of the most foundational in all the Bible. After the miraculous crossing of the Red Sea, the Israelites travel through a series of wildernesses and campsites to reach the destination of Mount Sinai where they received the Ten Commandments. Have Exodus Explorers found evidence for the true site in Arabia or does one of several other contenders contain a strong pattern of evidence?

FEATURES INCLUDE unseen interview footage and new finds along with expanded coverage of the arguments and evidence seen in the films. Discover more from the leading voices on these questions as your understanding deepens. 


  1. A Gateway to Mount Sinai Features
  2. Is the Location of Mount Sinai Important?
  3. Exodus Connections to the New Testament
  4. Elusive Evidence of Nomads in the Desert
  5. Ron Matsen on Evidence, Faith, & Exodus
  6. A Trip to Jebel Sin Bishar
  7. Journey to Hala-’l Bedr
  8. Where Was the Wilderness of Shur?
  9. The Significance of Paran
  10. Eleven Days to Kadesh Barnea
  11. The Challenge of Jethro Returning to His Land
  12. Exodus Inscriptions at the Sinai Mines
  13. Traditions for Mount Sinai's Location
  14. The Caldwells: From Egypt to Arabia
  15. The Caldwells: Logistics of Searching for Sinai


  • SCREEN FORMAT: Widescreen
  • AUDIO: 2.0 stereo
  • RUN TIME: 149 minutes
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