Journey to Mount Sinai 2 - Movie Event Kit

$ 99.00 - $ 299.00



Now you can experience the film Patterns of Evidence: Journey to Mount Sinai II in a large group setting with these digital assets to help you create a remarkable event.

The Full Movie Event Kit includes:

  • One-year public performance license
  • Movie Event Guide
  • Walk-in countdown
  • After-show
  • Movie poster
  • Social media memes
  • Trailers

Your purchase category is determined by the anticipated audience size of your hosted Movie Event. Please estimate, to the best of your ability, how many people will attend your largest Movie Event and then select the purchase price accordingly. Please note that with your purchase is a one-year license. This license grants you permission to hold an unlimited number of group showings for the period of one-year.

Any public viewing of our film requires, by law, the public performance license included in this bundle.