Have we Found the Tabernacle of the Lord? Digital

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Join Archaeologist Dr. Scott Stripling in this engaging lecture as he explores evidence for the Tabernacle and the sacrificial system at Shiloh. The Tabernacle rested at Shiloh for over three centuries from the time of Joshua through the days of Samuel. The Associates for Biblical Research launched a major excavation in 2017 that is already revealing exciting evidence showing multiple connections between biblical history and the archaeological finds at Israel’s first capital.

Topics Include: Introduction to the Shiloh Dig Site • Uncovering Storage Rooms • Discovering a Bone Deposit • Determining the Time Period • The East/West Wall • Finding pomegranates and stone vessels • An ink well, jug, and an oil lamp • Revealing four scarabs • The revolutionary wet sifting process • Question and Answers

THE LOST FORTRESS: Finding the City of Ai

The AI fortress’s location – destroyed by Joshua during the Conquest – has been a mystery and controversy since archaeological research began in Israel. Now, after 40 years of excavation and research there is overwhelming evidence matching the biblical account. Join archaeologists Scott Stripling and Bryant Wood as they take Egyptologist David Rohl to visit the site of Ai. Then Stripling walks Timothy Mahoney through an exhibit of the key discoveries, explaining their significance.



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