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Full Sinai - Combo Pack

Full Sinai - Combo Pack

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 For the most comprehensive research on the location of Mount Sinai

Full Sinai combo pack includes:

  1. Journey to Mount Sinai 1 
  2. Journey to Mount Sinai 2
  3. Mount Sinai Expanded
  4. Searching for the Mountain of God - Glen Fritz

Investigative filmmaker Timothy Mahoney has been searching for the true location of Mount Sinai for over 20 years. The Bible records that at Sinai God made a covenant with Moses and the Israelites, and gave them the ten commandments. While the majority of scholars continue to favor locating Mount Sinai at the traditional site of Jebel Musa (the mountain of Moses) in the southern Sinai Peninsula, many believe the lack of evidence there is good reason to question that thinking. Other scholars question whether these events happened at all.

You will collect viewpoints from many Exodus Explorers in our exclusive 'Mount Sinai Expanded' film. Learn the various positions about the true location of Mount Sinai with details not in the films. 

In recent decades, more than a dozen Mount Sinai candidates have been proposed as the correct site. Modern-day Exodus Explorers believe compelling evidence for the Israelites’ time at Mount Sinai can be found in Saudi Arabia at a mountain known as Jabal al Lawz. In 'Searching for the Mountain of God' with commentary and questioning by Timothy Mahoney, Dr. Fritz addresses the finds at this mountain site and the clues that show it to be the best candidate for Mt. Sinai. 

NOTE:  The 'Mount Sinai Expanded' and ‘Searching for the Mountain of God’ films are only available in DVD and Journey to Mount Sinai 1&2 are Blu-Ray

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