Patterns of Evidence – A Great Holiday Gift (bar)

NEVER BEFORE has a pattern of evidence this strong been demonstrated for the events of the Exodus. Read the book and see the new award-winning documentary Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus. Featuring some of the most important voices in the debate over the Exodus: Hershel Shanks, John Bimson, Jodi Magness, David Rohl, Bryant Wood, James Hoffmeier, Kent Weeks, Manfred Bietak, Israel Finkelstein, Mansour Boraik, Norma Franklin, Maarten Raven, Charles Aling, and more.

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A GREAT GIFT FOR THE HOLIDAYS, the book includes valuable insights and additional interviews not seen in the film and helps the reader get to know the scholars and their positions better. It is filled with beautiful photography of Egypt and Israel, scenes from the biblical re-creations, maps, charts, and diagrams.