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The Red Sea Miracle 2 Box Set - Collector's Edition

The Red Sea Miracle 2 Box Set - Collector's Edition

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Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle II - Collector’s Edition continues the investigation into the Exodus sea crossing begun in Part 1. Award-winning filmmaker, Timothy Mahoney explores how thousands of feet of water could be parted, allowing Moses and the Israelites to pass through the Red Sea. Can science provide a naturalistic explanation with a process known as wind setdown? 

Do any of the proposed locations have a pattern of evidence matching the Bible?

Go deeper into the arguments and evidence regarding the scale of the Red Sea crossing with this 6-disc box set that includes a DVD and Blu-ray of the film and over 8.5 hours of new material on 4 bonus DVDs. Bonus features include the panel discussion from the online release, expanded interviews with leading scholars, on-location footage with divers looking for the remains of Pharaoh’s army on the seafloor, and uplifting insights drawn from the biblical account. Was a sea of reeds crossed, or is the Bible pointing to a much more spectacular event?

People of faith will be inspired and skeptics will have much to think about as Mahoney reveals two decades of documentary research, which ultimately leads him to inquire... “Do miracles still happen today?”

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  • FILM
    • FORMAT: Blu-ray and DVD
    • SCREEN FORMAT: Widescreen
    • RATING: Dove Family Approved
    • RUNTIME: 142 minutes
    • SUBTITLES: English, Spanish
    • SCREEN FORMAT: Widescreen
    • RUNTIME: 8.5 hours
    • SUBTITLES: English
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