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Patterns of Evidence Foundation

Journey to Mount Sinai

Journey to Mount Sinai

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Can Investigative filmmaker Timothy Mahoney find the mountain where Moses encountered the burning bush and where multitudes of Israelites camped for nearly a year?

Mahoney uses the trusted Patterns-of-Evidence approach and the new Mount Sinai Scorecard to investigate six of the most popular locations proposed for Mount Sinai. Examining details for five major criteria in the biblical account compared to geographical and archaeological information, he sets out to pin-point the mountain’s true location. Journey to Mount Sinai is a 2-part film series that picks up the exploration of the Exodus where the Red Sea Miracle films left off. Each film will examine three of the primary candidates.


Bonus Features:

  • Film trailers, Additional Resources


  • SCREEN FORMAT: Widescreen
  • RUN TIME: 120 minutes
  • SUBTITLES: English, Spanish
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