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The Mysteries of The Apocalypse

The Mysteries of The Apocalypse

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The book will lead you to reflect on time in this twenty-first century, its profound and sometimes disturbing transformations, the geopolitical scenario, and the prophecies of the end times. 

The aim in the book is to share with you the extraordinary investigation of over three  years that ultimately became a genuine quest for meaning. This work is designed to flesh out the topics dealt with in the documentary,  which could only present its subject matter in summary fashion. The documentary and this book are therefore complementary.

Jean-Marc Thobois dedicated his life to rediscovering the Jewish roots of  the Christian faith, enabling us to recover the Bible’s message in its original  Hebrew, increasing the precision of its revelation and the quality of its original  flavor, smell, and color. As in the restoration of an Old Master painting, the  image that emerges is refreshed, and we can better appreciate what its creator desired to communicate. 

With glimpses of these vast mysteries the book should encourage you to take an interest in the message of he who promised: 

I am coming soon (Revelation 3:11; 22:7; 12; 20) 


I am making all things new! (Revelation 21:5) 

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