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Journey to Mount Sinai Expanded - Combo Pack

Journey to Mount Sinai Expanded - Combo Pack

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Investigative filmmaker Timothy Mahoney has been searching for the true location of Mount Sinai for over 20 years. Mahoney uses the trusted Patterns-of-Evidence approach and the new Mount Sinai Scorecard to investigate six of the most popular locations proposed for Mount Sinai in Journey to Mount Sinai 1 & 2

This 2-part film series picks up the exploration of the Exodus where the Red Sea Miracle films left off. Each film will examine three of the primary mountian candidates. Can Mahoney find the mountain where Moses encountered the burning bush and where multitudes of Israelites camped for nearly a year?


Mount Sinai Expanded goes wider and deeper into the investigation seen in the two-part Journey to Mount Sinai films. This special bonus disc contains over 2.5 hours of new information that could not fit in the Journey to Mount Sinai film series.

FEATURES INCLUDE unseen interview footage and new finds along with expanded coverage of the arguments and evidence seen in the films. Discover more from the leading voices on these questions as your understanding deepens. 

*Mount Sinai Expanded is only available in DVD or Digital format.  The Journey to Mount Sniai 1 & II feature films are availalable in DVD, Digital or Blu-Ray format. 

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