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This two-part bundle includes the most critically acclaimed films in Tim Mahoney’s investigative series, Patterns of Evidence. In the Exodus, Tim explores the historical evidence behind the Bible’s most foundational event: The Exodus out of Egypt. In Moses Controversy, Tim sets out on a journey to discover the evidence behind the Mosaic authorship of the Bible and know the truth of God's Word. "Did Moses write the Torah?

Viewer Reviews

“Mahoney keeps true to his word to give a balanced, unbiased approach as he searches for patterns of evidence.” The production quality of the recreated scenes for story-telling purposes is excellent."

"I found the films interesting & very fascinating. They gave you lots of information for each individual to think about & try to come to your own conclusion as to how it all took place for it truly was a miracle!"

Delores N.

“These two videos are extremely interesting and eye opening. Very well done with a wide range of ideas and scholars with varying views. I feel like my understanding of the Old Testament has gone up a notch."

Bruce S.

Meet the Filmmaker, Tim Mahoney

Meet Timothy Mahoney—Documentary Filmmaker, author, husband, father of four married children, and grandfather of eight. As the author of the Patterns of Evidence film series, Tim and his team produced four feature documentaries, winning numerous awards including Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Documentary. These groundbreaking films provide believer’s insight into the Old Testament’s mysteries.

The Story Behind the Films

Working in TV and Film for over thirty years, Tim’s favorite memories of his career are interviewing archaeologists to find the truth within Biblical History. Liberal, Conservative—it didn’t matter. He was looking for a pattern that matched the Bible’s narrative. Tim found it interesting how the evidence could be interpreted from two different points of view, yet excited by the scope and implications of how these patterns in archaeology could be connected to the biblical account.

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