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Patterns of Evidence LLC

Young Explorers Season 1 Combo Pack - Curriculum

Young Explorers Season 1 Combo Pack - Curriculum

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Purchasing the Homeschool Curriculum Combo gives you everything you need to learn History, Bible, & Critical Thinking.

This Elementary/Middle School aged curriculum is designed to allow the student to explore and discover along side Timothy Mahoney and the 10 Young Explorers as they search for evidence of the Biblical Account of the Exodus.  Suggestions are made for completing the course in 1 year, 1/2 year, or a quicker timeframe. 

Students watch the video series along side completing the workbook.  By the end of the course the student will have a greater understanding of the Exodus story in the Bible and its importance. The student will also learn how to uncover evidence for the biblical accounts by using Scripture, archaeological findings, timelines and their own questions to guide them. 

You may purchase additional curriculum workbooks seperately if you have more than one child doing the curriculum. 


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