The Moses Controversy Digital - Collector's Edition

$ 30.00


DIGITAL OFFER: The debate continues over the credibility of the Bible.  In Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy award-winning filmmaker Timothy Mahoney travels to the ancient lands and uncovers a remarkable pattern of evidence for the world’s oldest alphabet showing up in time for Moses to use for writing the Torah. Explore early archaeology with the discovery of the first alphabetic inscriptions. 

The Collector's Edition Box Set expands the investigation and includes the feature film plus 7.5 hours of new information as Bonus material.

Join the debate over Moses’ ability to write and the validity of the biblical account with extended interviews of the film’s participants. Did the Israelites even invent this alphabet as an early form of Hebrew?  

Not all the content could fit into a 2 hour documentary so now get the bonus material here!

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    • Format: 1920x1080 mp4
    • Screen Format:  Widescreen
    • Audio:  5.1 DOLBY DIGITAL (Film only)
    • Rating: Dove Family Approved (Film only)
    • Subtitles: Yes (English)