Pharaohs and Kings: A Biblical Quest (DVD)

Pharaohs and Kings: A Biblical Quest (DVD)

David Rohl

$ 35.00

David Rohl is a writer, Egyptologist, music composer, photographer, lecturer and broadcaster who is best known for proposing a New Chronology for the Ancient World. His wide-ranging thesis has been brought to the world's attention through a series of books (beginning with ‘A Test of Time’) and the internationally acclaimed TV documentary series 'Pharaohs and Kings: A Biblical Quest'.

As a secular archaeologist and historian, David has been primarily interested in what he perceives to be flaws in the accepted timeline of Egypt and the Ancient World. His rediscovery of the historical Bible was an unexpected by-product of his Egyptological research. David’s work shows that scholars have artificially extended the timelines for ancient civilizations by centuries. This has resulted in these civilizations being misaligned with biblical history – in effect making the biblical events seem ‘unhistorical’ because supporting archaeological or textual evidence is not seen in the expected timeframes.   

Many scholars have been teaching that the Bible is largely mythical because of these issues, which David Rohl addresses through his New Chronology timeline. By correcting the timeline errors, he is able to produce exciting and surprising historical settings for some of the major biblical characters - such as Saul, David, Solomon, Joseph, Moses, and Joshua.

David Rohl's first television documentary series originally aired in 1995, but since that time it has been hard to find on DVD. With this re-mastered, two-disc version, the original 'Pharaohs and Kings' television special is now available again. This presentation gives evidence for the problems with Egypt’s timeline and the new connections between the Old Testament and the history of ancient Near East. These ideas are revealed for the first time with David Rohl's New Chronology – one of the most exciting developments in biblical research for generations.


Part 1 – Conundrums of the Pharaohs (50:28)

Part 2  – Legendary Kings and Chronicles (50:43)

Part 3  – Israel and Egypt (51:22)

Bonus Feature – Sands of Time (12:14)


  •      Format: Double DVD – Multi-region
  •      Screen Format: Letterbox
  •      Audio: Stereo
  •      Run Time: 2:44:47 (165 minutes)
  •      CC: No
  •      Dimensions: 5 x 5.5 x .5
  •      Shipping Weight: 5 oz.
  •      Produced by: Discovery Channel Video (1995)
  •      Re-Mastered by: Stretch Productions (2008)

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