Patterns of Evidence-4 Feature Films Blu-ray - Combo Set

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SAVE On Combo Set!  Featuring ALL FOUR of The Patterns of Evidence films on Blu-Ray.  Own the full collection of feature films by filmmaker Timothy Mahoney. 

  • Patterns of Evidence : The Exodus
  • Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy
  • Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle 1
  • Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle 2

These films explore the Biblical journey of the Israelites from Egyptian captivity to their Exodus through a mighty sea.  Experience the enormous amount of evidence, interviews, and stunning cinematography captured in each film. They ask controversial questions and engage with Scholars, Egyptologists & Explorers on both sides of the controversy. Offering a balanced approach to the investigation.

Bible affirming films exploring the Historical Credibility of the Bible!

  • Subtitles : English, Spanish