Exodus Everything - Combo Pack

Exodus Everything - Combo Pack

Patterns of Evidence LLC

$ 152.75 $ 114.00

“Exodus Everything” Family Gift Pack - Limited Offer (25% Savings)

Now you can purchase a full spread of The Exodus products produced by Thinking Man Films in a single gift pack. This gift pack includes both the DVD and Blu-Ray versions of the film Patterns of Evidence:The Exodus inside the Collector Box Set. The full value of the items in this pack is $152.75 giving you approximately a 25% savings. Enjoy hours of entertainment and learning as you explore the stories of the Bible in a fresh new way.

Includes 5 Items:

  • Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus Collectors Box set, Directors Choice Edition (DVD & Blu-ray plus 3 addtional dvd's)
  • Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus by Timothy P. Mahoney and Steven Law (hardcover book)
  • Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus film soundtrack (CD)
  • EXODUS – MYTH or HISTORY? by David Rohl (hardcover book)
  • The David Rohl Lectures (2 DVD set)

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