The Exodus Combo Pack - Book and Collector's Edition


If you loved the information found in the film yet wish there was more, then this hardcover book and Collector's Edition Box Set is for you.

The HARDCOVER BOOK includes valuable insights and additional interviews not seen in the film, giving the reader a chance to get know the scholars and their positions better. Its 392 pages are filled with maps, charts, and diagrams, which all help support the historical evidence for the Exodus event as told in the Bible. Go behind the scenes of a 12-year investigation filled with setbacks and breakthroughs, revelations and triumphs. The beautiful photography of Egypt and Israel, as well as scenes from biblical re-creations will make this a stunning book for your collection.

Dive deep into the investigation with this 5-disc COLLECTOR'S EDITION BOX SET including a DVD and Blu-Ray of the film and over 8 hours of new information on 3 additional DVDs. Discover more evidence for Arrival, Multiplication, Slavery, Exodus, Judgment and Conquest in the bonus disc called 'Patterns of Evidence Expanded'

On the disc entitled 'Digging Deeper into Archaeology and the Bible', we explore topics such as: Would Egypt ever Record an Exodus?, What is Biblical Archaeology?, Is There a Bias Against the Bible’s Historical Record? Why Have So Many Archaeologists Abandoned the Bible? Interpreting the Ancient Past, How Much has Been Unearthed?, Questioning the Timeline of the Ancient World, The Film's Approach and Why it Matters, Rebuilding the Ancient Cities of Avaris and Jericho.

Included on the 'Impact and Commentary' bonus disc is the popular "National Forum On The Exodus" FATHOM EVENT hosted by Gretchen Carlson with Eric Metaxas, Dennis Prager, Anne Graham Lotz and Father Jonathan Morris.

Extended interviews Include:
  • Dr. Walt Kaiser – “How Is the Exodus Foundational to the Judeo-Christian Faith?
  • Dr. Norman Geisler and Dr. Joseph Holden – “Does It Matter If the Exodus Happened?”
  • Rabbi Manis Friedman Talking about Life, Faith and Patterns 
  • Michael Medved, Rabbi David Wolpe and the Controversial Sermon
  • Rabbi David Hartman – “Exploring the Torah”
  • Pat Boone – “Understanding Our Heritage” 
  • Dr. Gregory Thornbury – “Is There a Conflict Between Faith and Reason?”
  • Natan Sharansky & Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – “The Power of the Exodus” 
  • President Shimon Peres – “A Leader’s Perspective on the Exodus”