In Search of Eden (DVD)

In Search of Eden (DVD)

David Rohl

$ 15.00

Egyptologist, biblical historian and explorer, David Rohl, heads off on a captivating expedition into the Zagros mountains, in a quest to find the geographical location of the mysterious Land of Eden and its famous garden. Along the way, David gives a guided tour of the regions most important to the search, revealing exotic locations in modern-day Iraq, Iran and even India.

David’s investigation uses ancient texts, cuneiform tablets and the famous passage in Chapter Two of the Book of Genesis, where it describes Eden as being a land where four rivers – the Gihon, the Pishon, the Perath (Euphrates) and Hiddekel (Tigris) – have their headwaters. He traces the two famous rivers of Mesopotamia back to their sources and, in so doing, locates the other two long lost rivers, as well as the lands of Cush and Havillah. David even finds the land of Nod into which Cain was exiled following his expulsion from the Garden of Eden for killing his brother Abel.

Although David is a secular historian, he thinks the geographical setting for the Eden story is very real and still exists today … in an alpine valley nestled beneath the ‘Mountain of God’ beyond the Zagros Mountains.

Written and directed by David Rohl.


  •      Format: DVD – Multi-region
  •      Screen Format: fullscreen (4x3)
  •      Audio: Stereo
  •      Run Time: 46 minutes
  •      CC: No
  •      Dimensions: 5 x 5.5 x .5
  •      Shipping Weight: 4 oz.
  •      Produced by: Planet Wild Liverpool (2002) for TLC/Discovery
  •      Re-Mastered by: Stretch Productions (2008)



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