A Testing Time (DVD)

A Testing Time (DVD)

David Rohl

$ 15.00

A TESTING TIME by secular archaeologist and historian, David Rohl reveals the progress that has been made in New Chronology (NC) research since the 1995 publication of his bestseller A Test of Time: The Bible – From Myth to History (aka Pharaohs & Kings in the USA) and the broadcast of the internationally acclaimed TV documentary series ’Pharaohs & Kings – A Biblical Quest’.

In nine fascinating and detailed chapters, covering topics that range from unraveling the identity of Pharaoh Shishak to astronomical dating to chronological conundrums of the 20th Dynasty, this DVD presents some of the very latest findings made by New Chronology researchers.  

The work to fine-tune the NC is ongoing, with new discoveries and interpretations coming to the fore every year. Convincing answers and responses to a number of criticisms from within the orthodox school are included here, as well as an outline of the way ahead for NC investigations.


  •      Format: DVD – Multi-region
  •      Screen Format: Widescreen
  •      Audio: Stereo
  •      Run Time: 1:23:56 (84 minutes)
  •      CC: No
  •      Dimensions: 5 x 5.5 x .5
  •      Shipping Weight: 4 oz.
  •      Produced by: Legend Media (2012)


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